By participating in these classes you agree that:
1. You/Your child is doing so at their own risk, dance is a physical activity and your participation is voluntary. The activities of creative movement and dance involve numerous risks of injury, including but not limited to muscle strains, sprains and falls and you are aware these are risks for you/your child.
2. You are satisfied the space you are dancing in is safe
3. You have removed all potential obstructions that could cause injury before the commencement of the class
4. You have disclosed any injuries/illnesses to the teacher
5. You will avoid activities if you have to or suspect you have any injuries
6. You will avoid the use of blades, weapons or sharp instruments of any description
7. You will avoid physical contact with other participants and, where appropriate, adhere to social distancing guidelines
8. You give us permission to record the session for archival purposes, insurance claims and viewing by those within our organisation.
a. You must must inform us and all teaching staff of any injuries, medical conditions and allergies suffered by you or your child.
b. It is the Student’s responsibility to notify their teacher in the event of injury/medical condition, prior to class.
c. It is the responsibility of the Student/Parent/Guardian to ensure they/their child has sought the appropriate medical advice prior to the acceptance of a place in a class.
d. As the classes are online, no medical assistance can be offered by our teachers.